Not Alone

Many of us choose to be alone in our fears because we believe others may never understand what we’re going through. Sometimes it’s just too hard to explain, but you should never choose to keep quiet about what you are dealing with. Someone is there to help, you may have to search for them but we are out here.

Author: A.J Huff

AJ is a freelance writer who wants to assist others in stepping outside conventional therapy to calm the chaos within their minds. Since childhood, she has had a passion for the human mind. Although she has no fancy degree in psychology or neuroscience, she is hellbent on sharing the importance of keeping a healthy mind and how to achieve all goals when it comes to mental health. AJ is driven to awaken the calm soul within the mind. She no longer wants you to look at the hard times that happen in life the same way again. AJ has supported several people in their emotional healing process through the art of self-forgiveness, the forgiveness of others and stepping outside the comfort zone of everyday thinking into the calm reality you can have in life. It can and will happen, but it takes wholehearted practice and dedication to oneself. AJ believes we all need therapeutic doses of love, respect, compassion, and forgiveness for the sake of living happy, healthy, chaos-free lives. Come join AJ in this revolutionary emotional healthcare movement.

4 thoughts on “Not Alone”

  1. I remained silent for years but opening up has really been so incredibly healing, and the connections I thought could never exist have been found through writing and sharing with other who have experienced some of the same things. So very grateful ♥️

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    1. I too have remained silent because I had been so caught up in worrying about what others would say about what I share. It gives me an escape that helps others dealing with some of the same issues. I do tend to procrastinate on writing though because there is so much that tries to come out all at once. Things become cluttered in chaos in my mind. I will continue to work on it along with myself.
      I don’t know you but I do know, I am very proud of you for using your voice for your healing and the healing of others. Much love ❤


      1. Awe thank you so so much!! I too struggled with writing it all out but once I started just writing whatever came to my mind it just all started flowing. I stopped trying to overthink and analyze it or worry about how it would be perceived and just wrote from my heart and it has been such an amazing experience. The words just take on a life of their own and I get lost in it without fear, having to go back and read it to see what I actually wrote. Sometimes what I intend to say is replaced by what I need to say and it is a beautiful thing. I appreciate you and am proud of you and your journey too xoxo

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