Healthy Sacrifices

Everything has a cost throughout life in order for you to move forward. Sometimes that cost has to be relationships. Yes, that’s right. You know who I’m talking about. You probably have been thinking about letting go of some relationships that have been putting a mental strain on you, but not sure if it’s worth the sacrifice. Well, I’m here to tell you, You are worth every sacrifice you make in order to better yourself. No one in this life can ever do anything to change who you are nor can they change any circumstances you are facing. You are the one that is solely responsible for yourself, so you need to understand that who you surround yourself with is who you are or who you will become. If you want to move forward you must evaluate who these people are and what position they hold in your life.

Limiting your time with certain people, such as angry bitter negative ones will benefit you greatly. These people like to find fault in everyone and every situation. They never try to change their situation. They would rather keep bringing up the old circumstances and continuously reliving them. Much like taking the victim mentality role which is normally fueled by fear, resentment and desolation. It’s always someone else’s fault for every bad situation they come up against, and the world is out to destroy them in some way or another. Be cautious of these people because a lot of them are vindictive and will fabricate ways to get back at others that they perceive as doing them wrong. This may leave you questioning yourself in what you may have done, even though you know you hadn’t done anything to them. 

They are always picking apart people around them. So what makes you think they don’t do this behind your back when your not around? Do you believe you’re that special?

Some of you even believe you have to continue to deal with these types of people because they are your family. They may talk shit about you to the other family members, ya know the ones that talk to you about them behind their backs. I’m sure It happens more than you realize.

There are also takers in your life. These are people who put themselves front and center and only focus on their needs. They feel entitled to your time and will try to gain as much as they can while returning little as possible. They get angry when you don’t answer their calls or text and they may feel as if you have disrespected or mistreated them because you weren’t there to listen to their complaints about their repugnant life. They call for your advice and wisdom but never willing to give that time back and if they do, everyone will know about it. These people like to brag about how wonderful they are for giving advice.

Takers are the ones who take up all your time and energy, and when it comes to needing them they’re nowhere to be found. No answer to your call. All they want is advice but never follow through. So why waste your time on given your advice in the first place?

Do you notice a pattern here? 🤔

You may also have manipulative dishonest liars around you. These people may tell you half stories. They’re always making themselves out to be the good guy in every situation. These people don’t like to take responsibility for any wrongdoing and may try to pass off blame or even guilt trip you for something you weren’t even involved in. You may also find them turning things around on you and blaming you for not caring about them or their feelings. Most of the time you can tell when people are being real and when they are spouting off bullshit, but it’s not always easy to spot this kind of person, due to them being masters of charm and kindness outwardly. This actually comes very easy to a manipulator because they have no problem with hurting others to get what they want. They have a way of figuring you out and may give you things you desire so you become dependent on them. They never feel bad about lying because their conscience tells them they aren’t doing anything wrong and to keep it up so they can continue getting their way in every situation.

These types of people are dangerous for your overall health and well-being. These people will leave you feeling drained and exhausted. You may also end up thinking you are the real bad guy due to them being extremely good at all of these malicious mind games. Manipulators want you to have very little confidence, as this will make it much easier to control you in the long run. They have a way of making you feel inferior to them as well.

You have to be careful and pay attention to all of this because before you know it you can become a very negative person and you may lose interest in the things you once loved. You will start doubting yourself in every decision and action you make. This can also make you start alienating yourself from healthy relationships.

Have you ever heard the saying, same ol shit different day? Well that sums up the rest of your life if you continue to let these people control your full potential. 

So get it together and figure out who you need in your life and who you need to let go, because where you are mentally is what matters. Taking care of yourself means making sacrifices and it’s okay if some of those are relationships. You only get one life, so don’t waste it on people who make you give up on yourself.

Author: A.J Huff

AJ is a freelance writer who wants to assist others in stepping outside conventional therapy to calm the chaos within their minds. Since childhood, she has had a passion for the human mind. Although she has no fancy degree in psychology or neuroscience, she is hellbent on sharing the importance of keeping a healthy mind and how to achieve all goals when it comes to mental health. AJ is driven to awaken the calm soul within the mind. She no longer wants you to look at the hard times that happen in life the same way again. AJ has supported several people in their emotional healing process through the art of self-forgiveness, the forgiveness of others and stepping outside the comfort zone of everyday thinking into the calm reality you can have in life. It can and will happen, but it takes wholehearted practice and dedication to oneself. AJ believes we all need therapeutic doses of love, respect, compassion, and forgiveness for the sake of living happy, healthy, chaos-free lives. Come join AJ in this revolutionary emotional healthcare movement.

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