The Killer Within

Stress-related illness is the number one killer of our society to date. We are all in a fight or flight state of mind along with our bodies, not knowing how in the hell to slow down. This is a never-ending roller coaster that so many can’t get off of and sadly, some jump out of the car before the end of the ride. In other words a life breakthrough before suicide.

There are so many more people now diagnosed with mental illnesses and disease than ever before, says the National Institute of Mental Health and growing at a fast rate, but why? 🤔

Well, a lot of it is because we have an opportunist bacteria inside our bodies that actually started growing at birth and it’s waiting for a place to completely take over. So think about it, when we get an infection or a little cold, wouldn’t you say it’s harder to get over when you’re highly stressed? 🤔 Yes, Any doctor will tell you this.

 Did you know the adrenal glands – specifically the medulla – primarily produce adrenaline, a hormone secreted in response to stress or “flight or fight” situations. It signals other parts of the body to minimize functioning which also means your immune system gets suppressed. When there is a long term activation of the stress response system and overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones that follow can disrupt just about all of your body functions. This can put you at an increased risk of many other health issues such as 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain
  • Memory and concentration impairment

So let’s say, you go to the doctor for a medication to help you adapt to the illness that you now have. Then you take the medication (suppressant) with your internal programmed stress (suppressant) both in which shut down your immune system. 😟 Now your body has become prime real estate for the bacteria and illness to grow and multiply to create more chaos through out your body.

So how in the hell are you supposed to get better when you stress about your stress, then stress about being sick and you stress because you’re sick. Now you are stressing because you’re stressing because you’re sick.😳Wow what an uncontrollable mess we have going. 🤪

We are in an age of information so ignorance is a choice

Dr. Lipton

We have information 📱💻 out here to teach us how to care for ourselves (self-help) but yet so many are not willing to try or to stay consistent when it comes to their overall health. 

It all starts with your lifestyle. You want good health but you won’t manage your lifestyle. Well, you’re obviously going to fail. We have to keep searching for what works for us and apply it to our lives, not jump right into taking prescription pills because they are not a cure, but only a masking agent.

At the rate we are going with the opiate problem, those pills will continue to be difficult for any doctor to prescribe. Eventually, you may end up with nothing to help cover up the problem, as I did. So, why not look for ways to reduce the stress in your life?

Listen, we all need to learn to slow down. Take a step back and realize, this is the only life we get. The only shot on this big blue rock we call home. 🌎 We need to learn ways to help ourselves control our emotions and not let our emotions control us, because our thoughts and emotions keep us stressed when not in check. They have the capability to destroy our health and over all well-being.

The mind is so powerful it can kill us with physical illness.

Author: A.J Huff

AJ is a freelance writer who wants to assist others in stepping outside conventional therapy to calm the chaos within their minds. Since childhood, she has had a passion for the human mind. Although she has no fancy degree in psychology or neuroscience, she is hellbent on sharing the importance of keeping a healthy mind and how to achieve all goals when it comes to mental health. AJ is driven to awaken the calm soul within the mind. She no longer wants you to look at the hard times that happen in life the same way again. AJ has supported several people in their emotional healing process through the art of self-forgiveness, the forgiveness of others and stepping outside the comfort zone of everyday thinking into the calm reality you can have in life. It can and will happen, but it takes wholehearted practice and dedication to oneself. AJ believes we all need therapeutic doses of love, respect, compassion, and forgiveness for the sake of living happy, healthy, chaos-free lives. Come join AJ in this revolutionary emotional healthcare movement.

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