Taming The Chaos Within

There has been so much trauma throughout my life starting from a very young age. I’ve dealt with emotional and physical abuse at the hands of people that were supposed to support and love me, not turn my mind into a battle field within itself, causing me to struggle to fix it later in life.

I have stared death in the face with a barrel to my head, while trying to hold myself together long enough to tell my two-year-old son, “Mamma will see you again, I love you.”  

Listen, I know life is hard as hell, (I get it)😔 but that doesn’t mean you have to lay down and give up on yourself. You are in control of how things affect you and for how long.  

Our minds have the capability to destroy itself, and in turn, can destroy our physical outer selves. Many don’t realize that the illnesses they may have such as, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma and many more, may be connected to their experiences throughout life. 

If you sit and think of the past over and over, your mind can literally bring up a snap-shot moment from a traumatic event. Making you feel as if you are back in that moment.

 How many times have you sat and thought about a past argument you’ve had over and over? How’d that make you feel rethinking it? Still a little pissed off huh?! Well this is what our minds do, they live in the past and we have to fix that now.

So, this leads me to the question, why would you not want to learn how to stop or at least slowdown that negative talking foul-mouthed thing called your MIND?

Yes, it’s easier said than done, but with practicing Self-Compassion, being mindful of everything you’re thinking and learning how to set healthy boundaries, it can be done. Mindfulness has taught me to stop emotionally abusing myself and stop most of the thoughts that are not helping me in my life.  

Have you ever said something like, “oh fatty”😔 while looking in the mirror?  well I have said things to myself I’d never say to another human. These negative thoughts do nothing, but steal our peace and happiness. They keep us from evolving into the person we are meant to be.

If it wasn’t for crossing paths with a Zen-like woman named Ms. Franchini. I would still be the emotional wreck I had been all my life. I saw something in her that I wanted, and that was the peace she has in her mind, body and soul. She’s in her seventies and radiates vitality. Some people truly resonate with peace and when they do, it’s infectious. She told me some of the changes she made in her life and I knew there was so much more I could teach myself from her advice.

So, I took it upon myself to find out what life changes I had to make in order to feel normalcy and balanced in my mind. Some of the changes meant separating myself from certain people, many I’ve known all of my life, but they brought nothing but drama and negativity to the table, leaving me feeling more drained and depressed than I already was. Getting rid of negativity in your life is one of the most import thing you can ever do for yourself. I heard something the other day that really stuck with me.  

       “We are in an age of information so ignorance is a choice” 

 To me that means, we are smart enough to use the internet for everything else in life, but not for our own well-being. How crazy is that? 

Instead we rely on doctors to give us medications for anxiety and depression ex. or tell us to eat less, drink water, get plenty rest and stay away from stress. 🙄 you already know this, and that it’s almost impossible to do. 

Well guys truth is, you don’t need a doctor to tell you all these things. You see this on the screen your looking at every day.  So, why in the hell are you not looking out for yourself? Why are you not applying a few changes to your life and sticking with them?   

 It truly can be that easy, but we as humans can never quite manage staying consistent in our lives and unfortunately, that’s what it takes. It will take you paying attention to yourself all day everyday. Noticing your thoughts and actions also learning how to shift from one thought to another. It’s time we take responsibility for helping ourselves feel better mentally.  

You can find your own positive encouragement all over the internet like, public speakers, life coaches, people who are well known for positive thinking. Sometimes there is encouragement in the unlikely of places, you just have to pay attention. 

Don’t keep giving in to your negative and limited thoughts. A mind can be trained, but only if you’re willing to work at it. For me guided meditation and photography has been wonderful tools in helping calm the chaos within.

We only get one shot at this crazy damn thing we call life, so why not work on that anger and misery you may feel inside yourself, instead of wishing the world would be free of these feelings. Work on you, because in the end, you can only fix you, no one else can.  ~ Much Tough Love And Encouragement