Be Driven By Passion To Find Your Purpose.

Strong minded people aren’t born. We are a revised version of the storms we have walked through in life

There are so many obstacles in our daily lives and even more so internally. That’s why we must search for our purpose in life. Purpose can get you through times when things get so difficult you don’t know if you will ever see the light of day again.

When you find your purpose, life gets a little easier. It’s easy to get taken down by a bad day that turns into a bad week, then year, but with self discipline to find your purpose it can be turned around. By discipline I mean staying consistent and putting in the work day after day for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you don’t find your purpose right away. Pretty sure that’s never happened with anyone.

Have you heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day? Well, neither is a strong minded person that is driven by passion to find their purpose.

So, if you want something to pull you through life, you must find that purpose. This will build your self confidence. Who doesn’t need more of that nowadays? Confidence helps to push you farther in achieving your goals. If there is no confidence then there is no drive to push for better. This may mean you have to learn more about yourself and the one thing that fills you with passion, and in that lies your purpose. Mine is helping people like you, by turning chaotic minds into calm minds and helping you understand how the mind actually works.  

There will never be a perfect time to start something that develops your passion. Some people wish they could do better and those are the ones that are just getting through in life. While others EXPECT to do better. They wake up knowing they gave it their all the day before, but are willing to work harder for a better today. Where are you on that?  

You have to make caring for yourself your top priority. This will enable you to find your purpose a lot easier in life. Unfortunately, we aren’t taught to look out for ourselves, to have compassion or understanding for ourselves, and most importantly we are not told our minds are the most important part of us, and we must protect it from the outside world. Instead many walk around with blinders on trying to feel their way through life, and it doesn’t always work. They never seem to make it past the first step without falling flat, not wanting to get up and keep trying. They only see failure and giving up as the answer, because it’s way easier than putting in the work.

With all of the drama and negativity on social media nowadays, I don’t see how some people function in the real world anymore, but they do somehow and miserably.

Compassion is something you must work on. Learning to have compassion for yourself despite your defects you may have. I have many and I allowed them keep me down on that bottom step of change. You’re human and have probably made mistakes and will continue to make them but that’s okay, as long as you learn from them. No one is nor will they ever be perfect. That’s just life. So stop hating on yourself. Learn to forgive yourself for all of your weaknesses. We all have enough bullshit going on and there is no reason to add more on top of ourselves.

We are built from the heart aches, pain, and disappointments we have faced in our lives. This life is all about being strong minded and how to make the best decisions for ourselves. 

We have to take responsibility for our own happiness and well-being. Your health is way more important than anything else in this world, even your family, because if your not well everyone suffers. No matter if it’s mental or physical health you have to take care of you. There is no shame in the mental health game of life. It’s way more difficult to find your passion for your purpose if you don’t start looking out for yourself. 

Strong minded people aren’t born. We are a revised version of the storms we have walked through in life